But She Was Asking For It!

As if the falafel incident wasn't bad enough, now comes this backhanded defense of O'Reilly from everyone's favorite semi-excommunicated celebrity Rabbi, Shmuley Boteach:

Is it realistic to ask men to separate what they see on TV and in magazines from their interactions with women in the boardroom?

Short answer: yes. Long answer: still yes.

With men being deluged in virtually every electronic medium with the message that women want to be recognized for their bodies rather than their brains, is it reasonable to expect that men will suddenly think differently the moment a woman dons a business suit?

Is it reasonable to expect you to stop beating your wife? Answer, please: yes or no.

And of course, the inevitable caveat:

I am not blaming the victims or insinuating that women are inviting harassment. Far from it. No matter what they are exposed to and no matter how women dress, men must be in control of themselves and treat women as equals, with respect and dignity. I have never, and will never, excuse boorish behavior.

Wait for it, wait for it...

But that does not change the fact that sexual harassment in the workplace is being vastly increased by a culture that both fosters the idea that women are primarily sexual objects, and that puts no emphasis on men and women dressing modestly and professionally.

But some of my best friends are black!

Blaming our "sexualized" culture is all well and good, until one considers that Boteach has appeared on the Dr. Susan Block Show (not safe for work), the Howard Stern Show (not safe for work), and sold an excerpt from his book Kosher Sex that was published in Playboy for a reported fee of $200,000 (definitely not safe for work). What was that about contributing to our sexualized culture again?

Ah, there's nothing quite as satisfying to the soul as some good old-fashioned lashon hara.

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