Canada Says No To Democrats

From Reuters:

Disgruntled Democrats seeking a safe Canadian haven after President Bush won Tuesday's election should not pack their bags just yet.

Canadian officials made clear on Wednesday that any U.S. citizens so fed up with Bush that they want to make a fresh start up north would have to stand in line like any other would-be immigrants -- a wait that can take up to a year.

"You just can't come into Canada and say 'I'm going to stay here'. In other words, there has to be an application. There has to be a reason why the person is coming to Canada," said immigration ministry spokeswoman Maria Iadinardi. [...]

Government officials, real estate brokers and Democrat activists said that while some Americans might talk about a move to Canada rather than living with a new Bush administration, they did not expect a mass influx.

"It's one thing to say 'I'm leaving for Canada' and quite another to actually find a job here and wonder about where you're going to live and where the children are going to go to school," said one government official.

I encourage Democrats to fight this grave injustice by demonstrating that you will not be intimidated into inaction.

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Even well before this

Even well before this election, I've often wondered why disgrunted hard-Left Americans don't move to Canada (Any suggestion to do so is often misinterpreted as a "Love It or Leave It!" ultimatum). If the mainly English-speaking country to my north completely matched my views and lifestyle desires, I'd try to relocate. It's particularly easy for someone like me to remain close to family and friends, as I'm only a 20-30 minute drive from Windsor, Canada. But looking at the traditionally "Blue States", presumably locales with a higher probability of finding statism fans, they are mainly in the industrial Midwest and Northeast: Both regions on or near the Canadian border.

Doug, the reason that

Doug, the reason that Leftists don't move to Canada is that they don't want to be poor. The Fraser Institute has plenty of examples:"Although the economic performance of Ontario within the Canadian context is quite strong, the provinceâ??s performance declines significantly when US states are included in the comparisons.

When ranked against the 50 US states and 10 Canadian provinces across a variety of economic performance indicators, Ontario suddenly doesnâ??t look so prosperous. Specifically, Ontario ranked:

· 35th in per-capita GDP

· 52nd in per-capita personal disposable income

· 26th in employment growth (1991â??2001)

· 53rd in unemployment rates

Furthermore, US firms, on average, invest 10 to 15 percent more than Ontario firms in machinery and equipment, and other competitive and efficiency-enhancing investments."

And they were one of the best of Canada at the time. Y'see those 52nd/53rd rankings, there? That means there were likely only other Canadian provinces under them.

I gotta nip this in the bud.

I gotta nip this in the bud. for god sakes , don't encourage any more pepper haired SAAB story leftist morons to emigrate here.we're fighting tooth and nail to stop the army of them that infest this place already. this is the last country that needs more Bruce Springshteens. BTW did you notice that in typical pepper haired fashion, they didn't want to emigrate to Ivory coast or Madagascar the type of countries they hypocrytically expound the virtues of every day. nope it had to be somewhere where they could get a fucking latte! my message to american liberals,,, FUCK OFF, i hate your guts there, AND HERE.