What Is The Best We Can Hope For?

Patri previously discussed the differences between hope and belief. Patri hopes John Kerry will win the election tomorrow, for reasons of divided government, while he believes George Bush will win, and is willing to back up that belief with his wallet.

I don't know what to believe. The election, at this point, seems too close to call. So I won't be risking any of my money gambling with Patri (good advice in general, by the way).

However, talk is cheap, and so are hopes. So who do I hope will win the election tomorrow?

Putting aside the divided government issue, which is a mark in favor of Kerry, what else is there to be said for the two candidates who have a chance of winning?

Probably the best serious reason to hope for a Bush win is the "Better to have a devil we know than a devil we don't know" argument, put forth by Megan McArdle and Timothy Sandefur, and no doubt countless others. This is identical to the "Don't change horses in midstream" argument, even when the horse is missing two legs and the stream is flooding over. Bush is bad, you say, but who is to say Kerry won't be worse? Well, it's hard to take this argument seriously when it's not quite clear how much worse the Bush administration could have been, given the constraints of congress. But still, let's grant that.

Really, though, I'm not that interested in these "serious" public policy arguments. They bore me to tears. What does interest me is how my daily life is going to be effected by the outcome of the election tomorrow, and I don't see much evidence that the policy differences between Bush and Kerry are wide enough to be all that important.

What is important, however, is the general tone of people who take themselves and their party politics way too seriously. For the last four years, we've had to deal with the left complaining how Bush is worse than Hitler, how it's all about the oil (sorry Patri!), and how if Bush is reelected, abortion will be banned, rape will be legalized, and Alec Baldwin will move to Canada. One can only hope.

At first, this led me to hope that Bush would win reelection just to spite these people. But then I realized that I don't want to hear their incessant whining for another four years. I'd rather hear Republican whining.

At least the Republicans make whining interesting. Say what you will about Rush Limbaugh, but he is a master at this. I mean, what could be better than Monica? And Vince Foster? And Semen-stained dresses? And HillaryCare? And Linda Tripp? And blow jobs? And Monica?

We need better scandals. Four years of serious scandals have bored the hell out of me. I want to see Republicans get as worked up as Michael Moore and P. Diddy and Sean Penn and all the other chicken-littles who are going absolutely ape-shit over this election. I want to see Republicans make ridiculous claims about how the world is going to end if we do not get the current President out of the White House now Now NOW! We don't get enough screeds from Republicans anymore, and that is sad.

On the other hand, if Kerry wins, we get to watch all of the lefties eat crow about Iraq and the budget and the economy and Israel and outsourcing and farm subsidies, and nearly everything else for that matter, because you've got to be a complete idiot if you think Kerry is going to be signficantly different from Bush on any of these points. He's not and you know it. But it will be fun watching the Paul Begalas and the Tucker Carlsons of the world switch talking points with each other.

John Stewart will be forced to go back to making actual comedy, Puff Daddy will go back to making shitty music, and Michael Moore will go back to whatever the hell it is Michael Moore does during Democratic administrations. Instapundit might actually become interesting again, as will Andrew Sullivan and a whole host of other pro-war libertarian bloggers. Without their man in power, I suspect conservative and libertarian hawks will go back to being critics instead of cheerleaders for the state. The invasion they wanted so desperately is already over and done with; the only question now is when and how we get out. With a Democrat in office, the calls to end nation building will reach a feverish pitch.

And then we can all get back to reading about the President's sex life. Amen.

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*laughs in delight * Great

*laughs in delight * Great lateral thinking! I'm going to have to share this.


Best. Endorsement. Ever.

Best. Endorsement. Ever.

Setting aside the general

Setting aside the general nonseriousness of this post, I'm starting to question the "divided government" case for Kerry that gets taken as an article of faith by a lot of libertarians in this election. It's true that congress restrained Clinton, but we should be careful to note that it's not the same guys anymore. The "contract with America" is gone and replaced with big government conservatism. I don't see any compelling reason to believe that this congress will reign in Kerry very much. Pork is apparently king.

If We Ran Beer Like We Run

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It seems to me a vote for

It seems to me a vote for Bush now could be considered a vote for Hillary next time, which will give you all the whiny Republicans any insane person could possibly want.
Give Limbaugh a heart attack. :behead: