The Lovable Loon

I think Beck is beginning to grow on me, despite our differences:

In her smashing 1966 anthology "Capitalism: The Unknown Ideal", The Russian Rage refers (footnote, p. 71) to Carl Snyder's "Capitalism The Creator (Macmillan, 1940). I have never known another human being who ever laid eyes on that book, but I own a copy. I was on tour with En Vogue in 1991, opening for Luther Vandross, and we had a day off in Milwaukee. In the entire entourage (I couldn't even tell you how many tour coaches we had out there, but it was a lot), I was the only one who traipsed four blocks over from the hotel, drawn by the four-storey-tall sign, to Renaissance Books, and I spent the whole day there. There were people on that tour who didn't know me, and others who did. The latter would shortly explain to the former the stacks of books lining the wall of my bunk in the EV crew coach: "That's Beck. He's a loon." I've never met another person who's ever even heard of a crew guy carrying his own library around on a twelve-week rock tour, to include an obscure treatise on free-market economics. In first edition.

I don't know if it's the roadie factor or what, but for some reason, Beck reminds me of a character from my favorite movie.

That creep can write, man.

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