Unintended Irony

An Amazon.com customer review of the $38 Ultimate Edition of Dawn of the Dead:

Three versions of the movie, all on separate discs. That's right, three. Three commentary tracks, biographies, documentaries, everything, everything, everything. George Romero's assault on consumerism (with killer zombie slayings) is chock full of all the extras you could ever want. The European version is leaner, more urgent, with entire scenes cut out and new ones filled in. The extended edition is gorier, but drags a little more. The theatrical version is the theatrical version, which is awesome. The price tag's high for the Ultimate Edition if you're not a fan of the movie, but if you are, this is a must-have.

Romero really did a bang-up job assaulting consumerism, didn't he? And you can enjoy this assault -- in fact, three different versions of this Veblenian critique of conspicuous consumption -- for just 38 bucks.

Ain't capitalism grand?

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