Easier Than Working! No Money Down!

Tim Swanson has discovered an amazing, breath defying, mind-numbingly double-plus-good solution to all of the world's problems that would make even Matthew Lesko jealous. And it's free! It only takes a few minutes of your time. Here are just a few of the many things Tim's new system is guaranteed to solve:

  • Tired of driving your kids to school and back? Wish someone else could do it?
  • Tired of teaching your kids how to read, write and what to think? Wish someone else could?
  • Tired of dehumanizing, manipulating and abusing your child? Wish other kids could do that for you?
  • Tired of paying back debts? Need powerful bankruptcy protection?
  • Tired of what other people believe? Wish they thought more like you?
  • Tired of small wages? Raise your net worth in just minutes.
  • Sick of qualified people taking your job? Want job security?
  • Sick of brown people walking around, mowing lawns and speaking another language?
  • Disgusted with the smell of tobacco or the stench of alcohol? No problem.
  • Forgot to save? Want to retire?
  • Medical bills piling up? Why pay when someone else can?
  • Think the earth is flat? Tired of evolution?
  • Know the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse? Want to make a prophecy come true?
  • Like the smell of napalm? Wish others can too?
  • Like Shamu and Flipper? Love redwood trees?
  • Work hard on that painting? Wish someone had to buy it from you?

Here is the solution you've been waiting for!

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Micha, That's TERRIBLE!




We Have Seen the Enemy and

We Have Seen the Enemy and They is Us...
What do you get when you cross an informercial by poster-child for what's wrong with US government (and possible anti-christ), Matthew Lesko, and an public service announcement by epitome of self-important slacker navel-gazing, Rock the Vote?