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I got the LSAT out of the way this morning, and I feel pretty confident about my score. I was hovering around 170 +/- 2 for the last few months, but today I lucked out and got an easy logic games section. Normally, I can't finish more than 3/4 of the logic games section in time, but I was able to get all the way through on today's test, which is a personal first. I felt fairly strong on the other sections as well. I'm confident that I broke 170, would be very happy if I broke 175, and will go absolutely ape-shit if I lucked out and hit the big 180. I'd give 5% odds on a perfect score, 85% on 175 or below and maybe 10% somewhere between 176-79. Now, how to pass the next few weeks until I get my scores back...

The real quesion is whether my LSAT score will be enough to make up for my dreadful--though respectible by Georgia Tech standards -- GPA of 3.3.

Either way: Law School, here I come.

(and proud we are of all of them)
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You gotta buck up Micha, you

You gotta buck up Micha, you cannot drag this negative energy into law school. And also let's not forget -- let's not forget -- that at least you have the necessary means to go to law school. My advice to you sir, is to not let this "blog" (in the parlance of our times), take away too much time from your studies. Good Luck.

Congrats, Micha!

Congrats, Micha!



Manny, You forgot to repeat


You forgot to repeat "the necessary means to," but it's water under the bridge. And we do enter the next round-robin. Am I wrong? Am I wrong?!?

I had a 3.0 and basically

I had a 3.0 and basically didn't study for the LSAT. I tripped and fell into a fine law school. Don't be nervous, you'll be fine.

- Josh

I was in a similar position

I was in a similar position a couple of years ago. I was an engineer as an undergrad with an okay, but not terribly impressive GPA. I managed to get into a pretty good law school, which I'm sure was mostly due to my LSAT. Do you mind saying what schools you're looking at?

Micha, you're out of your

Micha, you're out of your element. You have no frame of reference. The "necessary means" is not the issue here. The issue is unchecked TBL quotes in "cyberspace", to use the parlance of our times. That is the issue. Don't think I didn't catch your "royal/editorial we" remark last week over on No Treason. You're not dealing with morons here.

Good luck, Micha. What law

Good luck, Micha. What law schools are you shooting for?

Rogue and Xavier, I'm

Rogue and Xavier, I'm applying to most of the law schools in Georgia, most of the top 10, and George Mason University. I'm worried that I will get a good LSAT score but be denied admission to the top schools because of my UGPA.


I was hoping someone would get that reference. We? What the fuck we? You human paraquat!

Are you full of yourself or

Are you full of yourself or full of shit? Don't become another pimp lawyer for corporate America, Micha. Plan on helping people who are disadvantaged and will need your help. Don't be another craven sellout like so many of your co-bloggers. I assure you, there is more to life than money and status. And, you can take that to the bank!

Um, Lulu: 1. Not all lawyers

Um, Lulu:

1. Not all lawyers are corporate lawyers.

2. Businessmen, especially new entrepreneurs in established markets, are often disadvantaged and need help.

3. Why do you say my co-bloggers are "craven sellouts"? I don't believe any of them work for corporate America. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

"We'll cut off your johnson,

"We'll cut off your johnson, Lebowski." Best movie ever.