Blackboard Mafia

Gavin McInnes channels Rod Paige and blisters one of the most powerful cabals in the world.

In Sacramento recently they threatened to destroy anyone who opposed them, even an eight-year-old boy (a lawsuit is pending). In Indiana they hired a tire slasher to become one of their members and he immediately got to work destroying any car owner that stood in the way. In Michigan they killed a pet cat to show the owner what happens to blabbermouths. They have goldplated champagne coolers, lavish holidays all over the globe, and more politicians in check than any group in the Western world (not even the Republicans and the Democrats have as many lobbyists on Capitol Hill). They only very recently started paying taxes, and the little tax they do pay is a minuscule fraction of their annual income. They are above the law, make over a billion dollars a year, and control the hearts and minds of every newspaper in the country. They are the mafia. A group of chubby gluttons who squeeze the working man dry and then use that money to beat him further into submission. This is not the mafia featured on HBO. They're not even Italian. This mafia is actually a labor union known as the National Education Association (NEA). A gigantic, hydra-headed extortion machine that charges every teacher in America hundreds of dollars to "represent" them but is really only concerned with getting more money and crushing more opponents.

There's more where that came from.

[via Colby Cosh]

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Sigh....I was reading the

Sigh....I was reading the comments on this article. Apparently if you actually notice that there is something deeply, deeply, wrong with public education, you're just another "free market nut". I cannot believe that people still think the free market could possibly do a worse job providing education than public schools do now, but they really do think so!