Baby Killers For Liberty

John T. Kennedy just pointed me to this great piece by Gene Callahan, in which he makes the same point I made in my previous post on immigration.

Many libertarians have been far too complacent in the face of a growing threat to our cultural cohesion, our way of life, and our liberty. I'm talking, of course, about the thousands of people who arrive in our country everyday, hoping to make it their new home.

Those arrivals present us with a myriad of social problems. For the most part, they do not speak our language. They are unfamiliar with our culture. It will take time to assimilate them all, and the government's effort to promote multi-culturalism through the public schools and other government institutions can only lengthen that assimilation time. ...

As we have time to watch them adapting to our country, we find their customs strange. Whether it is their music, dress, dating, or manners, their distinct cultures present what appears to be an unbridgeable gulf between them and traditional American life. Americans find themselves longing, as Peter Brimelow put it, "for some degree of ethnic and cultural coherence."

It is true that many of them will become productive members of the workforce. But, so long as there are people already living in our country who are without work, or stuck in menial jobs, it ill-behooves us to bring in newcomers to grab the good jobs that the economy does create. ...

Simply reducing the number of arrivals allowed in the country each year would be a step forward. But given the vast numbers who have already arrived in the past two decades, it would be wiser to place a several-year moratorium on all new…

What's that you say? Immigration?! You think I've been talking about immigrants?

I've been talking about babies. What we need is a several-year moratorium on births. Our battle cry should be, "Outlaw babies, for the sake of our liberty!"

Anti-immigrant is anti-baby.

Important update: A poster in the comment thread to Gene's original article writes:

Gene was too soft on the invading hordes. He failed to mention that they slobber and vomit all over themselves and others. They even urinate and defecate in public, and totally without shame. They are so lazy that they won't even bathe themselves.

This man needs a regular column in The American Conservative and VDARE, post haste. Down with the babies!

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You say "anti-baby" as if it

You say "anti-baby" as if it were a bad thing, when its clearly and obviously the sanest course of action.

That's a great article.

That's a great article.

Babies are the future, yo. A

Babies are the future, yo.

A key difference, though, between babies and immigrants, is that every baby automatically 'assimilates' to the culture. Not every immigrant does, and in fact many bring negative aspects of their home cultures along with 'em (social baggage).

When large amounts of immigrants cluster together, assimilation is slowed and anything bad they brought along with 'em from the old country has a tendency to fester.

Southern California has a festering problem with hispanic (mainly Mexican) immigrants. You have racialist lobbies, racist campus organizations, self-perpetuating barrios, resistance to English education; all the hallmarks of a community doing its utmost to stay 2nd class citizens, and I believe it because so many can accumulate apart from the rest of California society (importing the bad aspects of Mexican culture into a 2nd-class citizen milieu).

Texas, on the other hand, has a huge border several times that of California's with mexico, and yet the Mexicans and central americans that go to Texas assimilate into Tejanos and have a hispanicized version of the "Dont Mess with texas" swagger & idiosyncrasies. You don't hear of the same racialist problems that plague S. California. I think it's because immigrants have to filter through hundreds of miles of smaller towns before they hit any big metropoli. Smaller towns = less concentration of immigrants = more incentive to assimilate to the local culture.

Even more extreme is South Florida. Miami is run by Cubans/Caribbean Hispanics who are rich Americans. You get the occasional chest-thumping racist hispanic but by and large Miami is American with a spanish accent. Thats a case where essentially all the productive Cubans who fled Castro landed in the US, and within the framework of the US rule of law they 'assimilated' by swamping the small population of Miami and then started running the place. Bing!

Anyways, though I have digressed, the point is that immigrants impact the culture of the place they move into as much as the economy/welfare state, for good and for ill. Being a homer, I want immigrants to be Americans, and not remain what they were elsewhere. Usually this is the case (someone in a foreign land realizes they're really American and then moves to correct the error), but with the Mexicans in California, it doesn't seem that way.

"This man needs a regular

"This man needs a regular column in The American Conservative and VDARE, post haste. Down with the babies!"

Actually Callahan does have a regular column at a VDARE sister site, it's called But last time I asked he told me he did not submit immigration pieces to LRC.

It's one thing for LRC to decline to publish pro-immigration pieces (though I find it hard fathom how a pro-immigration postion can be comletely *beyond the pale* at a free-market site), but wouldn't you think it would be a useful for LRC anti-immigration writers and bloggers to at least occasionally acknowledge and address pro-immigration arguments by their colleagues Callahan, Murphy, and Block? The silence is deafening and instructive.