The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Like my co-blogger Jonathan, I am also a Hokie, and a big fan of college football. So tomorrow begins the best part of the year as Virginia Tech goes up against the University of Southern California tomorrow at 7:45pm, just down the road at FedEx Field.

The "Men of Troy" are the #1 team in the land, and defending champions. The Hokies' last outing was as the defending chumps, punked by Berkeley last year in a bowl game featuring no defense on either side. And VT limped into the game against the free speechers dropping most of their last games, punctuated by a (in retrospect) unlikely win over Miami and a barely-won-but-should-have-lost victory over Temple. And from that team of underachievers, 5 went on to the NFL. So its no surprise that nobody gives VT a chance in hell at beating the Trojans.

To me, its a no-lose situation. Expectations are almost nonexistent. So if we lose, we're supposed to lose. If we lose by a little, we get the 'moral' victory. If we cover the spread, we screw over most of the betting world, which is fun. If we, God/Determinism willing, see a Tech triumph, then we may be on the brink of a magical season (or not; in any case, we would have knocked off #1, which the Hokies have never done). Who knows, we might have a Hokie version of Odysseus with something up his sleeve...


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"If we cover the spread, we

"If we cover the spread, we screw over most of the betting world, which is fun."

Competent bookies tend to offer a spread such that half of their betters will win and half will lose regardless of the outcome of the game.

Y'all don't paint your faces

Y'all don't paint your faces and dye your hair the team colors -- do you? 'Cause. . . that would like totally blow my mental image of you guys.


John- Yeah, I know the


Yeah, I know the bookies lay it off so that they have roughly equal coverage. I'm just harboring the hope of atavistic schadenfreude of watching folk who bet against the Hokies lose.


I can't speak for Jonathan, but I just wear the colors and holler. WOO!!

Just take it easy on my

Just take it easy on my Western Michigan Broncos on September 18th, okay? If not, we'll just have to win on the hardwood again this year. :grin: