Told You So

My how the chickens have come home to roost. I remember how, when libertarians, both civil and uncivil, objected to McCain-Feingold on First Amendment grounds, conservatives and modern liberals alike screeched, “Money doesn’t equal speech! Money doesn’t equal speech!”

I take little comfort now that lefties like Matthew Yglesias and Ted Barlow have come out against campaign finance reform -- thereby admitting, in effect or in word, that money does, in fact, equal — or at least is a necessary prerequisite for speech.

Where were these folks when libertarians were alone in the wilderness? When we were ignored and derided for pointing out that in today’s world, speech costs money, and limiting the amount organizations can collect and spend also limits their ability to exercise their First Amendment rights? Where were they when libertarians explained that political corruption and big money are inevitable outgrowths of big government -- just as surely as rotting meat attracts flies, billions of taxpayer's dollars in the hands of a few bureaucrats and politicians attracts lobbyists. What sheer gall it takes for all these people to now complain about campaign finance reform and how “the right of people to organize and speak out is right at the heart of the First Amendment.”

Where are all of the apologies and mea culpas?

I guess being a statist means never having to say you’re sorry.

Addendum: Digamma has more.

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Where was I? I was

Where was I? I was criticizing McCain-Feingold:

Matthew, I followed your two


I followed your two links but did not find anything about McCain-Feingold. That said, you're a pretty reasonable guy and I take you at your word that you opposed this legislation long before it became politically fashionable to do. My apologies.