Guilty By Negation

If the set "libertarians" includes more than just the subset "civil libertarians," what does that make the rest of us?

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Cantankerous zealots?

Cantankerous zealots?

Heavily Armed.

Heavily Armed.

Economic liberty is

Economic liberty is inseparable from civil liberty. Each depends on the other.

Yes, yes, but that doesn't

Yes, yes, but that doesn't make a funny punchline!

Supercivil libertarians.

Supercivil libertarians.

Unelectable. :dead:



"uncivil libertarians" One

"uncivil libertarians"

One of the reasons I often fear describing myself as a libertarian is the reaction I get from those whose primary experience with so-called libertarians has been of the "wacked-out-paranoid-black-helicopter-fearing-from-my-cold-dead-finger-state's-rights-almost-anarchist-but-loves-the-military-bigger-guns-and-bombs-often-rascist-and-usually-surly" variety that, sadly, are fellow (uncivil) travellers of the "liberarian movement"

Every group has them. The Republicans have the KKK and paranoid-zealot-militia-types and the Democrats have communists, socialists, race-card-"class-warfare"-players and other undesirables.

Criminal libertarians. -

Criminal libertarians.

- Josh



In my experience many civil

In my experience many civil libertarians are not libertarians at all. They are just uber-PC types hiding under a euphemism. For a true libertarian it is unnecessary to use the term "civil".

Of course you could always call yourself "classical liberal".