Throw The Jew Down The Well

Reader esco took me to task in my post below for endorsing the view that Muslims are entirely responsible for anti-Semitism. That was not my intention, and I don't think that was the intention of The Decadent West, to whom I linked.

Regardless, to make up for any misleading implications, and to demonstrate that, no, Muslims are not entirely to blame for anti-Semitism in the world today, take a look at, which hosts a short video clip from Da Ali G Show on HBO.

And no, this doesn't mean that all fans of amateur country music are ignorant rednecks. I'm just sayin'...

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"And no, this doesnâ??t

"And no, this doesnâ??t mean that all fans of amateur country music are ignorant rednecks. Iâ??m just sayinâ??"

Exactly, just the ones in Alabama :-).

I'm a huge fan of Ali G and have been since his Channel 4 show aired here (in Australia) a few years ago before Da Ali G Show in DA USA.
The guy is a genius. I didn't know he was Jewish until I heard about all the fuss about the throwthejewdownthewell song, however I've always suspected that Borat was the portrayal of a stereotypical Muslim as seen by Westerners. Especially the characters attitudes to Women and Jews.

No doubt, some Muslims hate Jews, just as some Hindus hate Muslims and so on. Wherever their is uncertainty and fear about another race or religion this will always generated hate or mistrust.

I personally don't know any Jews or Muslims, but after visiting a web site on many famous Jews, I was amazed to see that many of my idols are Jewish. I just never really cared before. Race, Religion or Sexuality mean nothing to me when judging a person. I just people by their actions not how they are born.