Gene Healy:

[W]hy vote for the LP with a straight face? Why should I treat the process any more seriously than it treats me? And if you want to send a message with your vote, then what better message to send than, I'm so dissatisfied with the Freddy vs. Jason nature of the two party race, that I'm willing to vote for a guy who's been living in his car for the last year or so?

Which gives me an idea. What Libertarians need is a motivational speaker.

Now, you Libertarians are probably saying to yourselves "Hey, I'm gonna go out and GET THE WORLD BY THE TAIL and wrap it around and pull it down and put it in my pocket." Well I'm here to tell you that you're probably going to find-- as you go out there-- that you're not going to amount to JACK SQUAT!

Now you kids are probably saying to yourselves, "Hey, how can we get back on the right track?" Well, I see one solution! And that is to get my gear and move in with you! We're gonna be BUDDIES. We're gonna be PALS. Here's you, there's me, here's you, here's me...

I'm moving in. I'm tired of living in a van down by the river!

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Living in his car? This is

Living in his car?

This is precisely the problem with the political atmosphere in this country. Unless you've been embroiled in partisan catfighting for ten or twenty years, or you're the member of a ruling American aristocracy/family, then you're not worthy. And god forbid if you're not fabulously wealthy!

Badnarik's a constitutional scholar, if I'm not mistaken. And a quick glance at his website shows that he's no retard. Why does this translate to LIVIN' IN A VAN, DOWN BY THE RIVER!? If I had to choose between a failed ex-cokehead/ex-alchy/daddy's boy, and a constitutional scholar, I think the choice would be a no-brainer.

So, since the LP didn't nominate a multi-millionaire who's been sludging around the Beltway Swamps for 20 years, that means that "they don't take the voters seriously"? Please. It's about time we looked beyond superficiality.

What does it take to be a

What does it take to be a 'constitutional scholar' these days?

Badnarik's campaign doesn't seem to recognize that the power to engage in war is explicitly granted by the constitution (yet he says there ain't no justification for it amid his call for 'constitutional government'). Badnarik himself doesn't pay federal income taxes, even though that's explicitly constitutional (16th Amendment, yo). What kind of 'constitutional scholar' can't understand that amendments are part of the constitution?

And then the imperial "I'll blow up the UN building after 8 days in office" proclamation, which kind of comes out of nowhere (and certainly isn't constitutional absent a congressional authorization for war against the UN, or under regular civil law being a destruction of private property (the UN's)).

That the LP nominated someone who doesn't pass even libertarian laugh tests means that the LP doesn't take me, or the election, seriously.

If they nominated David Friedman or Randy Barnett, for example, then I'd change my tune right away.

You're arguing from false dichotomy, by the way. Saying that the LP candidate is an embarassment is not saying that the alternative MUST be a beltway bandit. And I'm not exactly sure Micha was saying that anyway, but simply running with Gene's joke.

I dunno about Barnett, but

I dunno about Barnett, but David Friedman would have no interest in the position. Adverse selection at work...

Brian, do you honestly think

Brian, do you honestly think that the people who can't take Badnarik seriously could take David Friedman seriously. Hey, I agree with just about everything David says and would vote for him to be our nominee if he were to run. But if you look at a picture of the guy, you'd realize that he's about as freaky-looking as I am (and that's saying something :beatnik: ). There is a simple reason that we are not taken seriously and that is because none of us are in the mainstream. We're ridiculed because we can be. If this swamprat thought that he could stand that much snow, he'd join up with the Free State Project. As long as we are libertarian, we are by definition radical (of, or pertaining to, being rooted). We'll only ever be normal temporarily because the mainstream is always shifting course while we remain fixed.

But don't fool yourself into thinking that if it was just somebody else then they wouldn't laugh at us. Any nominee that would have views that we would consider libertarian would be considered laughable by the mainstream. Buck up though, I'm optimistic. :end: doesn't really sell well as a campaign slogan. I love you :smitten: and I would vote for you if you ran for office.

So how does Presidential Candidate Brian Doss sound, that would settle this. :deal: You could announce your candidacy on this blog and we could start building you up for 2008. (I'm assuming that you would be 35 by that year. I don't know your age exactly so we might have to push it out a little bit if you won't be.)

Who knows you might actually enjoy campaigning. You have enough of a following here. I don't see any reason why you shouldn't go for it. It's just an idea. :idea: Think about it and get back to us. :wink:

If all else fails, we can always try revolution. :behead:
Just kidding. :lol: Dying makes me sad. :cry2:
(I had fun with the smilies :smile: .)

ha ha ha :lol: Unfortunately

ha ha ha :lol:

Unfortunately I do not pass constitutional muster by 2008 (oh so close, though). Also my days of schmoozing and networking were back when I was in my early 20s, not so much now (I hate DC and thus have retreated into a shell as far as the real world goes, and my roommates are similar homebodies). Schmoozing is required for politics, I'm told.

Though, as I think of it, by the time of the swearing in, in 2009, I'd be 35, just barely....

But my brand of liberarianism won't fly in the party as it is currently constructed.

As for the other critiques:

I don't care what D. Friedman *looks* like, he's certainly more serious than Badnarik. Though Barnett's got his "rock star" tour of the US going, so he might be a better frontman. Certainly they'll make fun of us any way, but I believe (in vain?) that the better, sounder arguments of any number of the libertarian blogosphere's luminaries would resonate better with the populace than the stale old "look at me, I'm extreme" posturing of Badnarik et al.