Bizarro Chomsky

Since when did Noam Chomsky acquire an understanding of basic economics? I may need to read him more often just to make sure this isn't a fluke. Weird.

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Noam Chomsky has a BLOG?!??

Noam Chomsky has a BLOG?!?? :shock:

Chomsky hasn't changed a

Chomsky hasn't changed a bit. Please read the fine print. :deal:

It might also be worth noting that there would be great advantages to a much higher price.(So higher prices, which are borne more heavily by the poorer in out country is a good thing.) In our more or less insane quasi-market system, the only means of something like rational planning is market forces. (If we had a socialist economy we could have other means of rational planning.)So a very badly needed shift to a sustainable economy cannot be undertaken unless driven by much higher prices. (And if the market doesn't increase prices, I'm sure higher taxes will do the trick.)And the problems ahead from irrational use of hydrocarbons might turn out to be extremely severe. (Because the use of the internal combustion engine is highly irrational and private companies have no incentive to find a cheap alternative to hydrocarbons).

He's a liar, not a moron.

He's a liar, not a moron. :smile: