They Turn to Marx

Our friends at American Joblog have enlisted the aid of Karl Marx to support their cause. This comes as a suprise to me, as when a few of us Catallarchists challenged their protectionist ways back in May, they accused us of being communist sympathizers.

Contradiction seems to be one of their trademarks. In the comments, one Vicky Davis states, "Communism is the inevitable result of laissez-faire capitalism. "

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"It is too bad that people

"It is too bad that people in this country have such poor educations that they don't realize the way to save capitalism, is to regulate capitalism."

That comes from the comments section to the thread that you linked to. Capitalism is already regulated to death.
These people are in dire need of an economics class.

"Yes Mr Marx, free trade is

"Yes Mr Marx, free trade is destructive. We see evidences of it every day. Software developers out of work for years. Engineers forced to take minimum wage jobs to make ends meet. Families are forced into bankruptcy losing their homes and livelihoods and families torn apart by the loss of job which in many cases is a loss of identity leading to despair and divorce."

These hooligans are at it again, I see. So, we have a huge tech boom, and a bunch of people get software and engineering degrees to cash in. Then the bubble bursts. Uh oh. People no longer need the service that they're trained for. Time to get other training. But somehow, this is "evidence" that free trade is "destructive"?

So, I suppose, if the folks at American Joblog ran the country, then the taxpayers would still be subsidizing horse drawn carriage manufacturers, typewriter producers, washboard makers, telegraph operators, and the rest of the people who ever worked in a field that either evolved or became obsolete.

Jesus. Blaming free trade for the fact that people lose their jobs (and the subsquent divorces..haha) is like blaming the stadium when your team loses. You win some, you lose some, but using unfair market disruption to prop up jobs that are no longer needed, is absurd and dangerous.

Oh dear. Yes, Marx said that

Oh dear. Yes, Marx said that communism is the inevitable end result of laissez-faire capitalism.

This makes sense based upon the following two postulates: (a) under capitalism, the rich (i.e., capital owners) het richer, and (2) the size of the economy is constant. So, if the pie stays the same size and the rich get richer, then inevitably, one person owns everything, and voila!, the blessed proletarian revolution.

Of course, it took a committed socialist by the name of Schumpeter to point out that as long as human beings had imaginations and ways to express those imaginations, the size of the pie does not stay the same. It gets bigger. And it gets bigger at a faster rate than the growth of the population.

The rich may be getting richer, but the poor are getting richer at a faster rate. All because of classical liberal economics and free trade. And as long as that's happening, no lucid individual will hop on the bus of inevitable communism.

If we stop having new ideas, then maybe Marx will be proved right. But I doubt that will happen anytime soon.