They must've forgotten

Once in a while I like to take a dark trip down into the deep reaches of the Democratic Underground, a popular message board for ultra-left chatter. Personally, when the topic isn't just another round of Bush bashing, I'm curious to find what the big government proponents and anti-individualists have to say. It's like a frightening reality show guaranteed to give one occasional nightmares.

In my browsing today, I came across two separate threads (here and here) posted by those detailing why they believe Adolf Hitler was better than George Bush.

Disliking Bush, even intensily, could be understandable and is not the issue here. Watering down the memory of the Holocaust and 'humanizing' Hitler to the point of making serious comparisons to US presidents is an issue.

"We Must Never Forget"? I believe some have.

Scary stuff.

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You'd think the fact that

You'd think the fact that Hitler and modern leftists share many of the same beliefs (acccording to the guy in link 1) about the proper role of the state might scare them a little. Guess not.

I don't know if it's

I don't know if it's ultra-left chatter, I'd call it candid left chatter.

What jumped out at ME is how

What jumped out at ME is how they seem to count the fact that Hitler killed 6 million Jews and Bush hasn't as a point in *Hitler's* favor - what the HELL??? They're not watering down the Holocaust, these sickos are CELEBRATING it!!

Have you been to the Bush

Have you been to the Bush web site lately? The latest video complains that since Kerry has not denounced Democrats who compare Bush to Hitler. . . that turn about it fair play -- more or less. The video compares the ENTIRE Democratic Party to Hilter!

Maybe Matthew Yglesias is

Maybe Matthew Yglesias is right, and we should just all start calling everyone Hitler, and be done with it.

Meanwhile, the Republicans

Meanwhile, the Republicans are pledging their lives, fortunes, and what they pass off as their sacred honor to no less than the *SA*:

Yeah. I love election years.