The People Have Spoken...

...and we gladly heed their advice.

We got some nice feedback from Jonathan's "bleg":bleg, both in comments and in e-mail. Many people commented that they could not highlight text properly under Internet [-Exploder-] Explorer--that problem should be fixed now. Those of you who use a "standards compliant browser":ff will have never observed a highlighting problem. Many people commented that links in the post text were hard to see. We think the new color makes the links easy to spot. Please let us know if you disagree.

Other minor changes include: moving the "Posted by" line below the post title; rendering quoted text in a monospace font (the jury's still out on this one); and bright gold post titles.

I was only able to test the new stylesheet under IE6(Internet Explorer 6.x) and "Mozilla Firefox 0.8":ff, so if the page looks weird in your browser, please leave a comment with the name and version of your browser and OS, and brief description of the weirdness, and I'll do my level best to fix it.

We hope you enjoy the changes, and keep that feedback rolling in!

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Looks good in Opera

Looks good in Opera 7.23!

The monospace font works well for quoted text, though it may not be the highest standard of font beauty for some.

The hyperlink color change is very welcome.

Nice job.