Volokh vs. Roberts: Advantage Volokh

Eugene Volokh has never chosen a more deserving subject for criticism than Paul Craig Roberts, whose views on both race and economics predate the 18th-century.

I'm amazed at how Professor Volokh is able to keep his cool when responding to Roberts' excessively rude remarks. (Note to Roberts: if you want people to stop insinuating that you are some kind of Nazi, you should stop writing like one. For example, statements such as "Native-born U.S. citizens are being ethnically cleansed by African, Asian and Hispanic immigration" are a definite no-no.)

Roberts personifies a Troglodyte, while Professor Volokh embodies the Kung-Fu Master.

I am, of course, a Capitalista.

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I like how PCR claims that

I like how PCR claims that one of the top constitutional scholars in the country ought to read Brown, as if somehow Gene had missed it in 3 years of law school and a decade of lawyering and academic work.

- Josh

I'm a lot less bothered by

I'm a lot less bothered by Roberts' un-PC political views than by his habit of bristling at even the most civil criticism, deliberately misconstruing it in the worst possible light, and then calling into question the critic's intelligence and reading skills in extremely abusive terms.

I learned of these traits personally in a recent exchange over one of his articles at Antiwar.Com. Ironically, I agreed with the gist of his article, and was sympathetic to his viewpoint; I wrote only to point out a secondary disagreement in fact. But by demonizing me in such over-the-top terms, and showing himself unable to disagree without behaving like an ass, he has permanently alienated me.

Paul Craig Roberts is his own worst enemy.