The Digital Gingerbread Man

For those of you who didn't catch the wave back in February, a New Yorker in England who goes by the name of DJ Danger Mouse mixed the music from the Beatles' White Album with the lyrics from Jay-Z's Black Album into the brilliant Grey Album.

Now some enterprising indie rocker has mixed the same Jay-Z lyrics with the music from Weezer's Blue Album, creating The Black and Blue Album.

Both of these projects are thoroughly entertaining and not exactly legal. Both are a continuation of what The Evolution Control Committee started years ago, mixing Herb Alpert's Tijuana pop with Public Enemy's vocals (among other interesting but less musical tracks). And if none of the above is enough to satisfy you, the Jay-Z Construction Set will allow you to create your own remixes.

The Grey Album caused a bit of a legal stir, and while the ECC's albums have all flown under the radar and The Black and Blue Album is likely to as well, this emergent phenomenon will likely continue to challenge copyright law in the next few years. I will be interested to see how it turns out.

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In this way, Sean Carter

In this way, Sean Carter will live on forever after his victory lap.