At least they could have given us a link

Radley Balko points to a deviously crafty article about him and our own Micha Ghertner, and their exchanges with the AmericanJoblog. It's amazing how Pete Johnson and cohorts come off as patriotic, freedom loving, community preserving Americans in the article after all this.

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The press release calls

The press release calls Mitcha a "she." That isn't true, is it?

Bah, you beat me by 30

Bah, you beat me by 30 minutes. If'n I hadn't spent time looking for an Orc picture....

Wow, Micha is the ENEMY!!

Wow, Micha is the ENEMY!! If that isn't affirmation that he is doing something right, I don't know what is. :)

This debate seems to consist

This debate seems to consist largely of straw-men on both sides. Both Balko and the American Joblog people share a premise that just ain't so: that the present neoliberal regime has anything at all to do with free trade. Both sides are ignoring the extent to which the present scale of foreign trade and investment result from state capitalist subsidies to those activities. Under the present mercantilist regime, the state absorbs many of the disutilities and inefficiency costs of foreign trade, so that American capital engages in a lot more of it than it would in a genuine free market.

Hey, let me know next time

Hey, let me know next time you launch a "coordinated attack" -- I enjoy tag teams -- and I could take the brunt of the "you're a stupid anarchist" attacks allowing you all to focus in on the mercantilism screeds.

It wasn't a "coordinated

It wasn't a "coordinated attack". It's not like we all jumped out of the bushes or anything. We like arguing and ended up arguing on the same post.

If you guys are interested

If you guys are interested in making an actual "coordinated attack", count me in! I've got a fair number of salvos already written -- globalization is the main reason I started blogging -- and more importantly, it would provide me an excuse to let loose with pirate rhetoric and metaphors of great battles on the shipping lanes. ('cuz I can never get enough of that.)

I've engaged one of them by e-mail already, and while there's a whole lot of evasion going on, I think it's likely to be more fun than irritating at least for a while.

And I wanna be mentioned in a press release too!!! :)

Nah, no "coordinated

Nah, no "coordinated attacks".

Besides, those paragons of open-mindedness banned us, remember? ;)

Charles, I am not a she. Nor


I am not a she. Nor am I a liberal (except in the classic sense), a socialist, a communist, unamerican, a foreigner (not that there is anything wrong with being a foreigner), an Indian (not that there is anything wrong with being an Indian), nor am I in any way affiliated with the Cato Institute (not that there is anything wrong with being affiliated with the Cato Institute).

I love that picture of the

I love that picture of the Orcs. It does rather remind me less of the CATO lot and more of the hordes of lunatics running around Iraq trying to establish an Islamist caliphate.

The people at Rescue

The people at Rescue American Jobs *are* freedom-loving patriotic Americans. They are the loyal opposition to the multinational corporate oligarchy now in control of most allegedly representative government. Oh, I left out that they are also "community preserving". If you support outsourcing and importation of low wage "guest workers" you are aligned with the multinational corporatations against the interests of the middle class.

Since when did the

Since when did the "interests of the middle class" take precedence over anyone else's interests?