Has the Whole World Gone Crazy? Am I The Only One Here Who Gives A Shit About The Rules? Mark it Zero!

As if it wasn't bad enough already, now conservatives are rationalizing, equivocating, and joking about Abu Ghraib. I mean, what the hell is wrong with these people? Have they no shame?

I was wary of comparisons to Vietnam before, but after this scandal, and the incredibly shameful responses of all too many of the administration's defenders, well, if the shoe fits...

And as for Lileks, Reynolds, et al., isn't the past supposed to be important to conservatives? Next time some Republican starts lecturing on the importance of societal traditions and history, be sure to get all hysterical and yell, "Stop it! STOP LIVING IN THE PAST!"

In the immortal words of Walter Sobchak, "You're goddamn right I'm living in the fucking past!"

Update: John T. Kennedy has a poignant remark in the comment thread to Radley Balko's post:

Hume and Limbaugh are political partisans trying to move the ball down the field for their team. That's the nature of the democracy game. If you don't like the game maybe you should reconsider whether you ought to be playing.

If this is the nature of politics (and it is), we need less of it. Much less.

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I'm noting two things from

I'm noting two things from the media (both domestic and international)...

A number of pro-Iraq War and/or those sympathetic to Republicans are trying to water down and sugarcoat the atrocities, make excuses, and attempting to rationalize their behavior.

A number of anti-Iraq War and/or die-hard "liberals" are trying to paint the entire US military in the same brush based on the actions of what appears to be a handful of loose cannons, with the obligatory Nazi references (of course, it's never, ever a Stalin reference).

Of course, I can't say that I'm surprised by either camp.

You as "have they no shame?"

You as "have they no shame?" -- well, of course not.
When have we ever seen a conservative demonstrate any sense of shame whatsoever? They have none, having pushed it all off onto those of whom they disapprove.

Shirley Knott

I agree and concur with

I agree and concur with everything that Doug had to say.

I wonder why it took Balko 5

I wonder why it took Balko 5 months to get outraged over Abu Ghraib, when the news of this hit in December/January? Or is his just meta-outrage at the failure of Reynolds et al to react as he did when photos were produced?

Oh, I can keep up with the

Oh, I can keep up with the Lebowskisms anyday. Keep Walter in context: "This is not Nam."

And of course, you have to remember: "Well, it's water under the bridge. And we do enter the next round-robin, am I wrong?"

You're not wrong Walter,

You're not wrong Walter, you're just an asshole.

And Brian, strangely, I'm more outraged at people like Lileks than I am at the actual soldiers. I don't know the soldiers from Adam, but I feel like I know Lileks just from reading him so often.

What rules? And do they

What rules? And do they only apply to the USA?

Seriously, the Red Cross says "tantamount to torture" -- but isn't that also saying "pretend torture", or "play torture", or "humiliation that is specifically NOT torture"?

Sorry, but MUCH WORSE happens in many prisons in the USA. This month, last month, next month.

There's the humiliation; the acts. And the pictures of the act (remember the picture of the pipe, and the modern addition "this is not a pipe"), and the publicity.

In theory, the "crime" is not changed by the publicity -- but in fact these pictures are getting a LOT more air play than the current genocide in Sudan, for instance. You decide what outrages you.

General J. Karpinski has been fired. Oh wait, no, she's been reassigned -- well, that's "tantamount to being fired."