Personal Tragedies

I saw Tetyana eating chicken meat and saw there was a lot of it. I approached her and asked her for some, but she refused to give me any. Because it was human flesh.

-- Mykhaylo Naumenko, survivor of Stalin's Ukranian famine

He said, 'Thank you to Father Stalin for depriving us of food. Our mother died of hunger and we ate her, our own dead mother. And after our mother we did not take pity on anyone. We would not have spared Stalin himself.'

-- Fedir Burtianski, recalling a trial of a man
and his two sons, during Stalin's Ukranian famine

One of the shockest thing of all is when we travel across each provinces to Thailand and faces river full of blood. The Khmer Rough killed not just scholars, farmers, teachers, monks, men, elder, women, but they're also killed babies and animals. These rudeless and man eating man never choose it's victims, just like the wild animals, they killed anyone, anythings that they can get their hand on. They don't choose faces or think whether you are human, cat, or dog, they killed everythings. I remember on time late evening around four or five evening, my parents and brother get together to eat our dinner when all of a sudden, a loud voice flew across the groups of people and said, "Old man, go to hell and die. We'll blow your head off". [However, they don't called the old man nicely, they called him in their rudess way "Thaa kanh jaa tov slaap thaan no-roukke ouy butt tov, arnh nieng som-lupp thaa ang, anh neing baanh kball thaa ang jaoll"] My whole body shocked like a thousand bullets flew across my chest. My tear was all of a sudden swept across my cheek as though I was just taking a shower. The Khmer Rough didn't killed my father, but they was killing an old man who's family now have only two people. I didn't even know the reason why they killed him, because I didn't dare to asked any question and beside I was too little to asked question. Beside this reason, I was too scare to open my mouth and speak. I was eight when this happened. The old man was about his seventy when they took him away. Before they takes him away, he asked them if he could give his lighter away to his niece and his wife, but the Khmer Rough didn't even allowed that, instead, they threatening him more. They took him away into the forest about 500 meter away from where we reside and shot him away with his hands tied behind his back. I didn't even hear his voice when he got shot because they probably close his mouth before they shoot him. The only niose I heard was the niose that come from the gun that they used. I heard two shot and that's was all I hear. My family and I still shocked after they return, escpecially me, because I never faced anyone that killed an old man before. I have seen dead body along the way, young, and old from all kind of suffering. But at that time, I saw the old man got killed with my own eyes. I saw an AK pointed at his head as they took him away.

-- Samnang Shawn Vann, survivor of the Cambodian killing fields

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I feel sorry for the people

I feel sorry for the people involved in the genocide of cambodia. I am very proud of the people that pulled through the horrific event and all my thanks are put into their heroism.:smitten:

im sorry for the people

im sorry for the people involved as it was them being in the wrong place at the right time. i believe that they are stronger than most people as they had the strength to pull through.:bigcry:

:cry2: when i read this

:cry2: when i read this story, i shocked me as striking lightning. i am cambodian kid which was born befor the genocide had took place in cambodia. i feel so sad about what happened to you. i pray that you will forget that cruel scene from your know even my family had the same story as you. so i pray that our country won't encounter this kind of thing again.
commented by tol koim, byu-hawaii