Divided We Stand, United We Fall

Frequent Catallarchy commenter Matt points to this article from Fortune magazine by Doug Bandow of Cato arguing for libertarians and other fiscal conservatives to vote Democratic this election.

Republicans have long claimed to be fiscal tightwads and railed against deficit spending. But this year big-spending George W. Bush and the GOP Congress turned a budget surplus into a $477 billion deficit. There are few programs at which they have not thrown money: massive farm subsidies, an expensive new Medicare drug benefit, thousands of pork-barrel projects, dubious homeland-security grants, expansion of Bill Clinton's AmeriCorps, even new foreign-aid programs. Brian Riedl of the Heritage Foundation reports that in 2003 "government spending exceeded $20,000 per household for the first time since World War II." ...

Democrats obviously are no pikers when it comes to spending. But the biggest impetus for higher spending is partisan uniformity, not partisan identity. Give either party complete control of government, and the Treasury vaults are quickly emptied. Neither Congress nor the President wants to tell the other no. Both are desperate to prove they can "govern"?which means creating new programs and spending more money. But share power between parties, and out of principle or malice they check each other. Even if a President Kerry proposed more spending than would a President Bush, a GOP Congress would appropriate less. That's one reason the Founders believed in the separation of powers.

Bottom line? While I don't think voting is inherently immoral, I do think it is silly. If your goal is to influence the outcome of an election, you would have better luck earning a dollar during the time you would have spent voting, using that dollar to purchase a lottery ticket, and then using your lottery winnings to encourage other people to vote for your preferred candidate - people who are still brainwashed into believing that their votes make any difference. But if you do vote, I see little reason to vote for Bush.

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if your vote really counted,

if your vote really counted, they'd make it illegal

That is really funny, but

That is really funny, but probably true.

I'm looking for a bumper

I'm looking for a bumper sticker that says "I'm Anarchist and I Vote."

This paragraph surprised

This paragraph surprised me:
Moreover, if you do strip out military spending and consider only the domestic record, GOP chief executives emerge in an even worse light. In terms of real domestic discretionary outlays, which are most easily controlled, the biggest spender in the past 40 years is George W. Bush, with expenditure racing ahead 8.2% annually, according to Stephen Moore of the Club for Growth. No. 2 on the list is Gerald Ford, at 8%. No. 3 is Richard Nixon. At least the latter two, in contrast to Bush, faced hostile Congresses.

without the defense budget, republicans still spend more money? It's amazing that "tax and spend liberal" is still around as a phrase anymore.