No Sleep Till Brooklyn

I am currently sitting in the Georgia Tech library killing time until my next final. My first final this morning was at 8:00 a.m., an ungodly hour at which no one in their right mind should willingly be conscious. So instead of going to sleep early, I decided to stay up all night for the third time in two weeks. I haven't pulled multiple all-nighters since freshman year, and I think I'm losing my edge.

My mother used to read me a book when I was young, From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. E. Frankweiler, about two siblings who run away from home and live in a museum. The one thing I vividly remember about the story is that the children bathe in the museum's fountain. Pretty cool.

I am reminded of the book after reading this odd article in the NY Times about a student at NYU who could not afford to pay for housing and lived in the university library's basement for months. And of course, like everyone else these days, this guy has a blog.

Like NYU's library, Georgia Tech's library is also open 24 hours a day. It's an amazing feeling to be in a room full of other insomniacs. Solidarity, my friends.

The homeless student's story apparently pulled at the heartstrings of certain NYU officials, and they gave him a free room. Or, more likely, they didn't want the bad press. Either way, the article ends on an odd note:

"N.Y.U. doesn't attract just smart students, it attracts smart, eclectic students," said Mr. Beckman, the university spokesman. "We had a film student who wanted to film a couple performing a live sex act in front of a class. We had students who set up a swimming pool in their dorm room. Now we have this fellow."

Strange. If this is the image of NYU their P.R. rep deems fit to print in the NY Times, I'd love to see what they considered too outrageous to make the cut.

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sheesh... you're taking a

sheesh... you're taking a final on no sleep? You're a better man than I- I can't function at all without the sleep. Good luck to you.

the one thing i always

the one thing i always feared about finals (especially late ones) is that my alarm wouldn't go off and i'd miss it, effectively failing a class i spent 15 weeks working on.

I solve the early finals

I solve the early finals problem (like I had yesterday and will have Friday and next Tuesday) by adjusting my schedule to go to bed in the late afternoon and wake up very, very early in the morning.

- Josh

Ah, the GT library in the

Ah, the GT library in the middle of the night. I can still smell it.

Good luck with your finals.