More Doublethink from Dean

The San Francisco Chronicle reports that Dean criticizes Bush for something he himself does.

"I think we ought to make scientific decisions, not theological and theoretical decisions," Dean told voters at a town hall meeting. "I think that what the president did on stem-cell research was based on his religious beliefs and I think that is wrong."

Earlier this week Dean said his Christian faith contributed to his decision to sign the civil unions bill four years ago when he was governor of Vermont. The bill gave gay couples the same legal rights as married couples without allowing them to wed.

"The hallmark of Christianity is to reach out to people who have been left behind," Dean told reporters Tuesday night. "So there was a religious aspect to my support of civil unions."

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Dean is doubleplus ungood.

Dean is doubleplus ungood.

I'm getting mighty tired of

I'm getting mighty tired of the notion that science, itself merely a procedure for gathering and strengthening our knowledge of the physical universe, can be a source of values.

Science can tell you that, under circumstance X, if you choose to do Y, you will reap outcome Z. It cannot tell you whether outcome Z will be "good" or "bad." The classical form of this observation is that one cannot derive an "ought" from an "is."

A lot of folks ought to be reading C. S. Lewis's The Abolition Of Man.

I think we ought to make

I think we ought to make scientific decisions, not ... theoretical decisions

Umm, is there a bit of disconnect here?

Also, doesn't anyone get a little nervous when a politician starts talking about being "scientific"? The "scientifically" ordered societies of the twentieth century come to mind, and scare the hell out of me.