Being a Jerk is Not a Crime!

I hate spam. Almost everybody does. I don't get much spam (except on my account) partly due to outstanding service of SpamGourmet. Personally, I find all the physical junk mail that lands on my front porch every day a much greater burden.

I think people who agitate for anti-spam laws are deluded for thinking such a thing will work, and lazy for not taking responsibility for keeping their own e-mail house clean. What I find truly shocking is that some people think anti-spam laws should include criminal penalties. They want spammers to go to jail.

Do these people know what goes on in jail? People are routinely beaten, raped and murdered in prison. Can somebody give a reasoned explanation of why any person deserves to get beaten, raped or murdered for the "crime" of being annoying?

Can anyone explain why spam should be considered worse than physical junk mail? Why isn't anybody up in arms over all the bulk mail taxpayers are forced to subsidize because of the criminal monopoly USPS? Why can't I refuse to accept mail addressed to "Occupant" or "Resident"? I can't even get the USPS to stop delivering mail addressed to the prior owners of my house! I get spam, I press the delete key. I get junk mail, and my copy of Reason gets folded, spindled and mutilated when Postman Bob jams a quarter-inch thick sheaf of coupons into my mailbox. I have more control over what arrives in my e-mailbox than my real mailbox. WTF?

Yes, spam is obnoxious. Yes, spammers are jerks. Jeebus help us all if it is a crime to be a jerk, because you'd better believe there is at least one person out there in the world who thinks you are a jerk.

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On a similar note, I'm up

On a similar note, I'm up against a few folks who take issue with my stance that noise ordinances are wrong because they infringe upon the property rights of the noise maker's owner...the primary example being a automobile with a lot of bass. A terribly large chunk of the opposing arguement is "it's annoying and violates my rights, so it should be illegal."

And I feel your pain regarding physical junk mail.

Maybe political pamphlets

Maybe political pamphlets shoved through the mail should be made a criminal act.

Why do you say that, Mr.

Why do you say that, Mr. Pearce?