Even a broken clock is right twice a day / McCain the budding Austrian? / You tease, you

John McCain, in a rare display of good ideas, criticizes the Republican-controlled Congress and the president for too much pork barrel spending. Not only that, but:

"Any economist will tell you cannot have this level of debt of increasing deficits without eventually it affecting interest rates and inflation," he said. "Those are the greatest enemies of middle-income Americans and retired Americans."

Austrians have been warning the world about the dangers of inflation for years, and someone on the Hill just might be listening.

In a speech with both pluses and minuses, McCain recently railed against the new Republican Medicare expansion initiative, pointing out:

According to the Congressional Budget Office, this package is estimated to cost just under $400 billion over ten years. But if you believe that is the maximum we will spend over ten years, I?ve got some beach front property in Gila Bend to sell you. My friends, $400 billion is merely a down payment.


Mr. President, we have before us a conference report that represents one of the biggest expansions of the Medicare entitlement program, and offers enormous profits and protections for a few of the country?s most powerful interest groups, paid for with the borrowed money of American taxpayers for generations and generations to come.

This guy has been doing his homework.

But before you get too excited about McCain 2004, balance that with this statement, in which McCain tries to reintroduce the Presidential Campaign Welfare Act (or whatever they're calling it these days).

One way or the other, please. My libertarian heart can't take your games.

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