Sunday drive around the blogosphere

The SmarterCop gives a response to George Soros's article from The Atlantic Monthly.

Christopher Wilkins of Dustbowl Blues states why he is not a libertarian.

John Venlet of Improved Clinch criticizes the state of Maryland for adding insult to injury in a human tragedy.

Charles Hueter of Magnifisyncopathological condemns the Austin taxicab racket.

Sean Hackbarth of The American Mind looks back to pre-9/11 news.

Stephen Hodgson of Unpersons looks at the politics behind attempts to require all UK citizens to carry a national ID card.

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Great link to the

Great link to the Christopher Wilkins article. It's got a common set of libertarian criticisms and the debate unfolding in the thread has been civil. And that Unpersons post is just unsettling.

Just a side note, my last name is Hueter. Evil memories of school teachers mispelling it are flooding back! :)