Hold onto your tired and poor

In a 21-state sting operation, Federal agents today arrested more than 300 illegal workers in 60 Walmart stores. How dare those people work in our country without approval from people they don't know, and who don't know them! How dare Walmart pay them for cleaning their stores! Luckily our government is looking out to make sure that only the right people are cleaning.

--tongue now out of cheek--
What is the worry really? 'Stealing' jobs and government hand-outs?

'Stealing' Jobs?

Did my grandparents steal jobs when they came to America? My grandmother cleaned at a wage that I'm sure no self-respecting native American would have deigned to consider. Does that mean she should have been prevented from working? Should millions of other hard-working immigrants been sent packing too?

Unlike these 300, my grandparents did arrive here legally, but it's our current immigration laws I'm taking issue with. We can't all get paid top-dollar. And trying to make it so by keeping others out isn't going to work. One of the reasons America was so remarkably successful in the past was it's vast supply of workers willing to work for what they were worth - little at the time. Had we imposed strict minimum wage laws and tighter immigrations laws things would have turned out very differently.

Taking Government Hand-Outs?

I'm sure most of the 300 illegal aliens were willing to work without receiving any government handouts. I'm sure they were here for the opportunities to work. But if any were here for the handouts, my solution is simple - stop "handing-out". If we're looking for the dedicated hard-working people of the past, remove the incentive for "lazy" people to come. While we're at it, remove the incentive for "lazy" people to stay - let's be even-handed. Ask people to help themselves, and help each other. Charity should not be a right.

Changing what was great about America is a recipe for mediocrity.

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I suspect a list of the

I suspect a list of the countries these illegal immigrants are from might show a diversity not suspected by most readers.

I personally know 4 illegal immigrants who work (or worked) in store cleaning. Two are from Ukraine, one from Hondouras, and the fourth from China. These illegals love America more than most American citizens.

Previously, Lithuanians and Eastern Europeans have been caught cleaning Wal-Mart and Target stores illegally. (http://www.chron.com/cs/CDA/ssistory.mpl/metropolitan/2176257)