Watch where you're pointing that thing

Over at the Volokh Conspiracy, Eugene points to Ed Cone's note about an anecdote about a convenience store owner confronted with what appeared (to him) to be a fake gun:

Ron Simpson knows guns -- and instantly knew the one in front of him Wednesday night was a phony.

Sure, the gun in the hands of the would-be robber at Action Video at 1058 Alamance Church Road had the look of a 9 mm, but Simpson, the manager, said he was "95 percent sure" the muzzle was too small to project a bullet.

"That is not a real gun," Simpson told the robber. "This is a real gun," he said, pulling a .25-caliber derringer from his front-right jeans pocket. . . .

While it is cool that the owner exercised his right to self defense and stopped an idiot robber from conning him out of his cash with a false pistol, I marvel at the location from which the owner pulls his gun.

He's keeping a loaded .25-caliber gun pointed at his crotch? Ummm...

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Shades of Crocidile

Shades of Crocidile Dundee...

I was just about to say the

I was just about to say the same thing, Sage. Damn, I almost feel sorry for the would-be robber. That's got to be quite embarrassing.

I think it's pretty funny

I think it's pretty funny that the "real" gun in question was a Derringer. Ever seen one? They look like those novelty gun cigarette lighters. They're wee.