Freeing markets in Iraq?

I really must learn to get myself fully updated on the news before I post blog entries. According to this article from the BBC the coalition authorities are already freeing up the infrastructure type markets, allowing foreign investment. This could be a good thing. Unfortunately, there is no mention of what types of restrictions there will be. If this is like NAFTA opening free trade via thousands of pages of trade restrictions, then it will do little if any good. On the other hand, if they are truly opening up these markets then we can look forward to peaceful trading with a new "Asian Tiger".

UPDATE: Speaking of Asian Tigers, wasn't 15% maximum income tax and 5% imports surcharge Hong Kong's tax policy? (I am fairly sure of the income tax, I am not sure about the tariff.)

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Ask and ye shall

Ask and ye shall receive:

Fairly straight forward, right?

Oh, btw, what happened to PirateLabs bro? I added you to my blogroll (at the bequest of Sean Lynch) right after you stopped posting there.

Looks similar to what I

Looks similar to what I remember, were there any changes with the transfer from Britain to China?

Just about everything I blog about works better here. I hope to get back to doing something with PirateLabs right after my upcoming career change, when I hope to have more time and can enjoy software again.

I found a couple articles

I found a couple articles written about the transition from being a vassal to the Crown to now being serfs to the Dragon, here is one quote I chuckled at:

"``The business community has done a great disservice to Hong Kong,'' says
John Burns, a professor of political science at the University of Hong
Kong. ``Its unswerving pursuit of profit and its fear of higher taxes have
robbed Hong Kong of the opportunity to create democratic institutions.''"

Here's an post that doesn't talk about HK but I thought was somewhat funny because of how the poster tries to smear "anti-tax" advocates:

Here's another post regarding a "free-trade" pact between China and HK:

And I can't find it right now, but the Chinese state was going to remove tariffs to over 200 items prior to Tung not signing off on Article 23.