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Randy and Avi look into their cups. A weirdly glittering layer of scum is floating atop their coffee.

"It is gold," Furudenendu explains. Both of the Gotos laugh. "During the eighties, when Nippon had so much money, this was the fashion. Too ostentacious. But you go ahead and drink."

Randy and Avi do - a bit nervously. The gold dust coats their tongues, then washes down their throats.

"Tell me what you think," Goto Dengo demands.

"It's stupid," Randy says.

"Yes." Goto Dengo nods solemnly. "It is stupid. So tell me, then: why do you want to dig up more of it?"

"We're businessmen," Avi says. "We make money. Gold is worth money."

"Gold is the corpse of value," says Goto Dengo.

"I don't understand."

"If you want to understand, look out the window!" says the patriarch and sweeps his cane around in an arc that encompasses half of Tokyo. "Fifty years ago, it was flames. Now it is lights! Do you understand? The leaders of Nippon were stupid. They took all of the gold out of Tokyo and buried it in holes in the ground in the Philippines! Because they though that The General would march into Tokyo and steal it. But The General didn't care about the gold. He understood that the real gold is here - " he points to his head " - in the intelligence of the people, and here - " he holds out his hands " - in the work that they do. Getting rid of our gold was the best thing that ever happened to Nippon. It made us rich. Receiving that gold was the worst thing that happened to the Philippines. It made them poor."

- from a conversation between Randy, Avi, and the
Gotos in a restaurant atop a Tokyo skyscraper,
from Cryptonomicon by Neal Stephenson

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Even all the diamonds in

Even all the diamonds in the world haven't saved Africa from poverty. Indeed, it has only perpetuated the oppression and degradation of their society.

Hey spoonie, I noticed this

Hey spoonie, I noticed this on your resume:

2/03 - present DARPA, Fort Belvoir, VA.
Software Consultant.
Developer for Terrorism Information Awareness (TIA) System.
Integrate several DARPA programs into a single interface for intelligence analysts.
Develop prototypes and demonstrations to provide a proof of concept.

So can you tell us (or me) what you did specifically, seeing as the program got canned (for now... knock on wood)?

Oh, and we all know why South Africa is poor, their statists didn't tax the bourgeois for their own good and set up social nets to protect old people from Ponzi schemes.

Tim, We're not canned yet!


We're not canned yet! Dr. John Poindexter has resigned but the vote in the Senate should happen this coming week. I wish I could write more at this time but I am literally catching a taxi to the airport for my trip to Korea. I'll be hanging out at the DMZ doing some TIA work.

I will tell you one thing. Don't believe what the media has told you about DARPA and TIA. We build new tools, we don't use them. I will write more about this soon.