The economy needs more hurricanes

The Mises Blog points to the an article by Peter Carlson of the Washington Post in which certain quotes espouse the Broken Window Fallacy. Certainly, some businesses will benefit from the hurricane, but the overall effect has to be a priori negative. Otherwise, the economy would benefit from more hurricanes, earthquakes, war, and flooding.

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Speaking of hurricanes and

Speaking of hurricanes and impact on business, Neal Boortz provided this comment in his column this morning: :)


"Yesterday the Imperial Federal Government virtually shut down in Washington DC. The Metro trains stopped running a full 12 hours before the hurricane even hit the coast of North Carolina. And how did things turn out in DC? It was a breezy, rainy day. That's it. Nothing more. Meanwhile, the shutdown cost the American taxpayers about $65 million in lost productivity. Many private businesses stayed open in the nation's capital ... but not government. There's a lesson here. Please tell me I don't need to elaborate."

I'm surprised that Statists

I'm surprised that Statists don't openly advocate the destruction of all "heavy industry" -- because you would have to rebuild and the economy would benefit!

Even better, I'm surprised the American State doesn't start 5-year plans to build wooden skyscrapers and cement towers -- after all GDP would increase and everyone knows GDP is the perfect measurement for the health of an economy: