Waiting for Isabel

A recent examination of the visitor stastistics revealed that approximately 20-25% of our visitors come from outside the US. One of the bigger stories that those outside the US might not know much about is that there is a major hurricane, Isabel, headed toward the east coast as I write this. I have read estimates that as many as 50 million people are in its potential path. Many offices have shut down, some areas of North Carolina have lost power, subways have stopped running, hundreds of thousands of homes have been evacuated, schools are closing, and the Red Cross is setting up shelters. On a positive note, Congress has been adjourned.


It is interesting to note that even with the path of the hurricane headed through Virginia, the Virginia Tech - Texas A&M football game to be played in Blacksburg, VA is still on for tonight.

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Unfortunately I am supposed

Unfortunately I am supposed to attend a wedding on Saturday on the beach at Virginia Beach!

Interesting quote from North Carolina Gov. Mike Easley, "Every person has an inalienable right to make a fool of themselves and some of them want to exercise that right during a hurricane."

I take it back. The news is

I take it back. The news is all Isabel, all the time. Many of the folks back in Virginia I've been in touch with are out of power as I write this. Hope everyone stays safe.

She looks so beautiful and

She looks so beautiful and docile from space...