Hockey Dad roughs up 10-year-old daughter

In the 'Sad But True' department:

Most have either seen these people first-hand, or read about them in the newspapers. They are the obnoxious and overzealous parents attending their kids’ sporting events, more obsessed with their child's statistics than their enjoyment.

Today in Canada, we have a dad of a 10-year-old girl who just couldn’t handle the fact that his future young Steve Yzerman missed a key goal late in the third period. With his ego at stake, he assaulted her on the rink following the game. Supportive and motivating parent, he is not.

Police said the family moved from the United States so the child could play at a more competitive level of hockey

Moving to another country to enable their 10-year-old daughter to play a tougher out-of-conference schedule immediately raises a flag that there are some issues within this family.

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to play a tougher

to play a tougher out-of-conference schedule

Sounds like he needs to coach the Virginia Tech football team! ha ha