Hodgson on 'left-libertarians'

Stephen Hodgson of Unpersons writes on the contradictions within the term 'left-libertarian'.

I would add that although the right often pays lip service to libertarian ideas, it does not implement them in policy, and is moving farther and farther away from any sort of connection. In the US, the Republican Party is not about smaller government, personal responsibility, free trade, sound money, or restraining government spending in practice and increasingly, nor in philosophy.

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I think the Tax Cut the

I think the Tax Cut the Republicans passed somehow equates to Smaller Government and generally enforcing the criminal laws leads to more Personal Responsibility. But before we go bashing away at the GOP, I think we need to take a look at how the country changed after 9/11. I know that's an overplayed card, but I really think the Democrats basically act as if it never happened.

My take on Republican-loving

My take on Republican-loving libertarians:

Are Republican-voting libertarians sell-outs?