The falling man

Although the anniversary has come and gone, I just noticed this article in Esquire about what has become one of the most famous photographs in history. For me, the most poignant memory of 9/11 was the people jumping out of the buildings. What goes on in a person's mind in that moment of decision, when the choice of jumping appears preferable to staying put? This powerful and moving article asks that question and tries to uncover the identity of the man in the photograph. [via Crescat Sententia]

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Not sure how much of a

Not sure how much of a decision it was but in hindsight it makes a lot of sense. If I knew I was going to die, I would prefer to make a decision where my body was easier to find so that my family could gain closure.

Slightly off topic, but what drove Uday and Qusay to blow their brains out rather than get caught by the Americans? Did they think they would be tortured and preferred a quick death? Did they think it was less honorable to be captured than commit the ultimate sin in Islam?

Of course, if you're a

Of course, if you're a Catholic, jumping out that window means you're pretty much on the express ticket train to hell. Your family best start praying now to undo what is essentially (in Catholic doctrine) a huge middle finger F-U to the Big Man by choosing when to die. One must not seek death.

Who knows what would go through your mind, though, at such a time. I would not rule out grace for those who panicked, lost hope, and jumped... but I'm not a theologian either, so what can I say.