Austrian everyday reality question - newspapers and soda cans

Why are newspapers in the US sold in boxes that allow the customer access to all the newspapers in the box...


...while soda cans are sold in boxes that dispense only one can of soda at a time?


Edit September 15, 2003 - a follow-up is posted here.

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I am probably an idiot for

I am probably an idiot for answering this. But I can't resist being pulled towards the lightbulb.

Soda can be consumed only once, as opposed to a newspaper which can be read over and over. There is less utility from having 1+ newspaper vs 1+ soda.

Newspapers have an expiration (one day), sodas have "no expiration". Actually, the newspapers are worth much less by late morning than they are early morning, a 4-6hr window. By midday the news has been disseminated and there are enough newspapers floating around that you would not need to pay for one to get your hands on one.

The problem for distributing anything as newspapers are, is the issue of theft. But so long as the price of the individual paper stays low, the threat of theft exists only at the margin. Only kids and desperately poor would be motivated to steal and resell those newspapers.

Most of what I would have

Most of what I would have written was nailed by grant.

maybe its because the print

maybe its because the print media sucks and Coke has commercials with Mike Vick.

I think there was a Coors Light commercial a fews ago that showed beer sold in a newspaper style vending machine and the guy taking one, then the rest.

Kind of reminds me of the folks in my hometown that used to leave a basket of candy outside their front door on Halloween with a sign that said "Take one please". Um, suspiciously the basket was always empty very early in the evening.