Bush Tariffs ruled Illegal

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In one of those "man bites dog" kind of stories for us libertarians, here's an international organization that actually does the right thing for liberal civil society- the WTO has just ruled that Bush's execrable steel tariffs are, as everyone suspected, completely illegal and contrary to US-signed trade treaty obligations.

Will Bush stop before the trade war begins, or is he going to pull a Hoover and sign off on the 21st century's version of Smoot-Hawley, and plunge the fragile world economy into a trade war that will most certainly impoverish (and unemploy) millions?

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Warning: egregious self

Warning: egregious self promotion ahead.

Just wanted to say I agree with you, and put up some of my own thoughts on the whole thing.

New reader here, BTW. Like the site!

Thanks for the

Thanks for the compliment!

What is worst about all of this is the blatant electioneering that was involved. There was no real pretense at principle involved- the defense of the tariffs was weak and half hearted. It was strictly a ploy to win votes in the steel states (and, arguably, proved decisive since West Virginia voted Bush despite being a democrat stronghold- the coal industry is tied to steel, and all...). Bah!