President, heal thyself

In the ever centralizing path the current White House has taken, the Bush administration wants the Supremes to allow the Feds to revoke the licenses of doctors who recommend marijuana to their patients.

If the Supreme Court takes the case and ultimately rules in the government's favor, Boyd said, "it would make all of the states' marijuana laws a dead letter. . . . If a physician can't recommend marijuana, then no patient can qualify" to use it under state law. [...]

"I wish the government would stop this war against patients and doctors," said Keith Vines, 53, a San Francisco assistant district attorney who lost 50 pounds and nearly died from a wasting syndrome associated with AIDS. He credits medical marijuana with restoring his appetite and saving his life.

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Do you possibly know how I

Do you possibly know how I might make contact with Keith Vines...he was a friend of mine at March AFB and have seen his testimony to this issue. I would very much like to make contact with him to give him our support and prayers.

Can you tell me how I can

Can you tell me how I can reach Keith Vines? Email would be fin. I was a classmate of his in high school and a supporter of his cause and struggle.