Liberty vs. Equality

Val, from Val-e-Dictions, has a wonderful post responding to Richard Dawkins' "Brights" meme (as the newspeak word for Atheist), and in the course of the response makes an excellent statement on the consequences of the social engineering impulse:

History is still the theater of that fight [between Liberty and Equality -ed]: liberalism smoothed out its harshest parts while socialism translated into a practice much worse than anything its enemies could predict. I believe that the common creed of all social engineers ?past and present? who want to use the state as an instrument to adjust the individual in a certain way, no matter how they want to disguise it or how good their intentions are, is ultimately authoritarian. As Karl Popper once said, ?the attempt to realize equality endangers freedom and, if freedom is lost, there will not even be equality among the unfree.?

Freedom matters more than 'equality', for it is only through freedom that the least among us can ultimately be lifted up. Properly defined, liberty is equality. The pity is that the reverse is not true.

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I'm sick of hearing people

I'm sick of hearing people talk about "equality" as though it had independent meaning. Equality of *what*, goddammit?

A good definition of liberty in terms of equality is: equality of authority, i.e. you don't have any more power over me than I have over you, and the same goes for everybody else.

It could be argued that, say, my employer has "authority" over me, even in a perfectly open and free society, since he tells me what to do at work. However, that is not authority, that is a contract. He is telling me what to do because he is paying me to do it. If I don't do it, he probably won't pay me (my fault for breaching the contract), but he can't throw me in jail, or seize my house, or take me out back and shoot me.

ur right....but its not

ur right....but its not possible to have freedom for yourself when u must treat others with equality. it just does'nt make sense equality isn't liberty.if you don't like someone, you want LIBERTY to not talk to them...but in the long run, equality kindof forces you to be nice to them and talk to them.