N. Z. Bear now has traffic stats

For any blogs that use SiteMeter, N. Z. Bear now has blog rankings based on daily traffic. I'm not sure how accurate the actual site visit numbers are. Our webhost has a control panel which (I think) uses two separate stats services - Awstats and Webalizer stats. Awstats has our visits as being more than double Sitemeter's statistics, and Webalizer is almost triple. I suspect that Awstats is the most accurate of the three based on the detailed stats breakdown that I have seen.

But as long as the algorithm is based on a common standard (SiteMeter), I guess it's useful for comparison between blogs. Our current ranking of #243 out of the 712 blogs listed is not too shabby considering we've only been at this for little over a month.

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Of course, comparatively,

Of course, comparatively, our rank-by-links has us higher (74th percentile) than the rank-by-sitemeter (65th percentile)...

But either way, a good showing for a month-old blog.