Movie Review: <i>T3</i>

I told you 'I'd be back' - The Terminator


Seems Judgement Day was only delayed by the Conners in T2. The machines do rise, and two more Terminators are sent back to either kill or save the Important people.

Bad acting, no character development, dubious science, and limited dialogue; T3 is a great flick. Arnold is once again the "good" terminator, and performs as expected. Kristanna Loken is the T-X model terminator who comes back to kill John Conner's lieutenants. Kristanna plays one hot cold bitch. (Sorry I don't know how else to describe it, when you see the movie you'll know exactly what I mean.) Nick Stahl plays a twenty-two year old John Connor and Claire Dane plays Kate, a former classmate of John's.

The action starts not even 5 minutes into the movie, and keeps on going through to the end, with only a few spots where the action slows down enough to have some story development. The ending either demands a T4 or else leaves a lot to be desired. Considering Arnold's possible political future, I am afraid we may have to be dissappointed.

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Honestly, I thought the

Honestly, I thought the movie was pretty good. I went into the theater with very low expectations and they really surprised me. T3 was funnier than the first two but not in a bad way. The "talk to the hand" comment had me spew out my Icee on the girl in front of me.

The ending was clever and did leave the door open for a T4 without the need for Arnold's character. I was kind of reminded of how Star War's Episode III may end.

All in all, the Governator didn't disappoint and neither did the Terminatrix!

Damn Biitch! Yeah, they

Damn Biitch!

Yeah, they could do T4 without Arnold, but would it be worth it?