Haspel on 'Brights'

Richard Dawkins, inventor of the the word 'meme', is at it again. He has now come up with the concept of 'Brights' (a meme?), which according to his website are people "who have a naturalistic worldview." Although I use the word 'meme' in my writing, I am not convinced that it is valid as a meaningful concept. Aaron Haspel has some thoughts on the inherently loaded concept of 'Brights', its redundancy, and the resulting debasement of the English language.

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I dislike the word "Bright"

I dislike the word "Bright" in this context. Strikes me as smug. I am an atheist, having once signed on pretty fully to the Anglican faith, for which I still have a degree of affection. I think "Bright" implies that anyone who believes in some form of god, higher power, etc, or who believes there is more on Heaven and Earth etc, is somehow stupid. That's not just wrong. It is bloody rude.

But then of course Dawkins has been fairly rude about religious belief before. A shame. I greatly admire his science writing, though when he strays in politics, the results are often poor.

I agree. As Aaron says, it

I agree. As Aaron says, it is an attempt to win an argument by labeling your opponent, not by refuting his arguments.