Sabine Herold - Classical Liberal!

wfra04.jpegI will let Sabine say where she stands. This bit of English commentary by Sabine says all that needs to be said. My favorite lines:

There is no such thing as these “superior grounds” to which some people think individual liberties should be subordinated. Let's not get fooled, they have no real foundations. Theses so called “superior grounds” have invariably led to massacres, arbitrariness and social failures. They were mere means for some to increase their own power and hence caused disasters.

How can anyone suggest that she is not a true liberal? She may have some misconceptions about the EU, or she may have misstated her position and reasoning, but does that exclude her from liberalism? Does celebrating the overthrow of the South Vietnamese government make Murray Rothbard a communist? Hardly.

I need to get the French language out of the dark, cobwebbed corners of my brain.


Freedom... Individual Freedom... Freedom is Human Beings' very origin and destiny.

- Sabine Herold

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Libertad liberal

Libertad liberal liberalismo, somos uno, somos quienes queremos ser libres. Saludos Sabine