Top 10 <i>Buffy</i> Episodes

10. Who Are You - body switching fun

9. Selfless - the definitive Anya episode

8. Graduation Day, Part 1 - Buffy v. Faith, best fight scene of the series

7. Prophecy Girl - "You have fruit punch mouth."

6. Fool For Love - best Spike episode

5. Dopplegangland - double the Willow-y goodness

4. Restless - my kind of weird

3. Innocence - I want a rocket launcher

2. Once More, With Feeling - "It must be bunnies!"

1. Becoming Part 2 - Best. Finale. Ever.

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I really think you dropped

I really think you dropped the ball when you didn't mention "Hush". Not only was it brilliantly done with everyone not being able to talk, but it's also the episode where Buffy finds out that Riley is a commando, and Riley discovers that Buffy is the Slayer.

d'oh... Hush *is* good. I'm

d'oh... Hush *is* good. I'm forgetting Selfless- was that the 7th season Anya ep, or another? Obviously I am shaky on the definitive Anya, since I have to ask. ^_^

I forget which one had the Spike flashbacks (in season 5) where he told Buffy about his encounters with the other two slayers he slew, but that should at least get an honorable mention ("others receiving votes"). I'm sure its in the Top 25, at least, even if it won't get invited to the BCS.

Er... mixing metaphors...

Hush is very good, but I'm

Hush is very good, but I'm not as crazy about it as a lot of other Buffy fans are. It would be in my top 20, but it couldn't quite crack the top 10.

Brian - Selfless is the seventh season Anya ep. And that fifth season Spike episode is Fool for Love, which is in my top 10.

Anyone want to step up and list their top 10?

ohhh. I was confusing it

ohhh. I was confusing it with Lover's Walk. I was wondering why you thought that one was the Best. Spike. Ever. ^_^

John, I would give you my

I would give you my top 10 but I don't watch the show. However, you have definitely piqued my interest.

I'm a big Buffy fan, here's

I'm a big Buffy fan, here's my top 10:

1.) "Restless" - I think that BTVS has the best dream sequences on television, and this one was foreshadowing over a season ahead, which is another thing I like about the show.

2.) "Once More With Feeling" - Not only is the music sheer genius, but the plot is advanced as well.

3.) "Graduation Day" - This is my favorite season climax, it just works on so many different levels.

4.) "The Gift" - Buffy's death was completely unexpected, and the season was brought to a dramatic conclusion.

5.) "Surprise/Innocence" - This has some very famous scenes (Buffy/Angel sex, Rocket Launcher) along with a few very funny ones.

6.) "The Body" - depressing, but definitely a work of art.

7.) "Selfless" - Anya is one of my favorite characters.

8.) "Hush" - Definitely a classic.

9.) "Chosen" - I liked it better than most people.

10.) "Storyteller" - Andrew is my favorite!

Its strange all my top

Its strange all my top episodes bar one are written and directed by Joss. I think he is a genius. Im so sad the series is over, but i think it went out on a high, i loved the last episode, which is number 12 in my top 30.

1. Becomming Part 2- season 2
2. Innocence- season 2
3. Restless- season 4
4. Hush- season 4
5. The Body- season 5
6. The Gift- season 5
7. Once More With Feeling- season 6
8. Passion- season 2
9. graduation day part 2- season 3
10. Amends- season 3

I am a Buffy FANATIC! So

I am a Buffy FANATIC! So here are my top 10 Buffy episodes.

1. Becoming part 2

2. The gift

3. Chosen

4. Graduation day part 2

5. Surprise/Innocence

6. The Body

7. Forever

8. Amends

9. Once more with feeling

10.Seeing Red

There are so many good

There are so many good episodes that it is hard to come up with a list. But I'll try:

1. Once More With Feeling
2. Hush
3. Becoming
4. Dopplegangland
5. The Body
6. Earshot
7. Halloween
8. The Gift
9. Something Blue
10. Amends
11. The Wish

But how about WORST episodes?

1. Beer Bad
2. that praying mantis substitute teacher episode in season one
3. Dead man's Party
4. Anne (worst season opener)
... and the remainder of the list can be fitted without nearly any episode from the last season, save for the very end...

This will be the first such

This will be the first such post I'll ever have made. I'm very happy that it is regarding Buffy.

My Top 10 Buffy a somewhat intuitive order...

10. Doppelgangland
9. Restless
8. I Only Have Eyes For You
7. Chosen
6. Amends
5. Grave
4. Hush
3. The Gift
2. Once More With Feeling
1. The Body -- Most amazing episode I have EVER seen of anything, hands down!

Okay, so, my Top 11 favorite scenes from Buffy, in order of season...are:

** Angel goes to Hell in 'Becoming, Pt. II'
*** The Scoobies feast on the Slayer's head in 'Dead Man's Party'
*** "Biiitch..." -- 'Doppelgangland'
*** Buffy, Class Protector in 'The Prom'
**** Buffy and Riley decide it's time to talk in 'Hush'
**** Every Willow/Tara scene in 'New Moon Rising'
***** "The hardest thing in this world is to live in it." Buffy to Dawn in 'The Gift'
****** "Walk Through The Fire" in 'Once More With Feeling'
****** "I love you." "Shutup!" -- 'Grave'
******* Xander's Living Room Speech in 'Dirty Girls'
******* "You...are a goddess!" -- 'Chosen'

And just for 5 least favorite Buffy episodes are...

Bad Eggs
I Robot, You Jane
Some Assembly Required
Go Fish

Hard to do, since it's Buffy and they're all amazing...and I don't have the time to explain myself now, but feel free to clarify, respond, retort, whatever...

Blessed Be...


Here is mi top

Here is mi top 10

10.Graduation Day
7.Tabula Rasa
6.Conversations With Dead People
5.Who Are You?
2.The Body
1.Once More, With Feeling

My 2 favourite episodes of

My 2 favourite episodes of Buffy would have to be:

1 - Potential (Season 7)
2 - Once More With Feeling (Season 6)

Potential has to be my favourite for one main reason - The scene towards the end between Dawn and Xander where they are talking about not being special. Dawn's character couldn't have been more beautiful than at that moment - and for all those out there with their minds in the gutter please remove it - She was being acknowledged.

#10 Killed by Death - The

#10 Killed by Death - The first and probably only episode of Buffy that truly scared me. Now it was a bit late, but a really creepy episode.
#9 Lies my Parents told me - One of my favorites with Spike. You see more of his past, you see his fight with Wood, and he overcomes his trigger. I just thought this was an awsome episode.
#8 Tabula Rasa - I just love how they weave together a storey about who they all are and what is going on and continue to hold on to it till the end. And I love Michelle Branch.
#7 Dopplegangland - A cool look at vamp Willow, I liked it.
#6 Hush - A bit over rated perhaps, but very cool also. Some interesting points brought up by Joss Whedon if you watch the director commentary on the DVD
#5 Anne - I don't know if I have seen this on a list yet, but to me it is a real view of what Buffy is, who she is. She is trying to hide from her life but she can't.
#4 Restless - Very cool dream sequence. Cool seeing Adam without all the makeup, didn't even recognize him at first.
#3 The Dark Age - Another I don't see anywhere. I like Giles a lot, this was our first glimpse into his past. I also like how it is Angel who saves Jenny when he turns out to be the one that kills her later in the season.
#2 Once More, With Feeling - Who can resist a musical. Loved the music, and it was still meaningful.
#1 Chosen - Last episode of the Series and not a bit of it disappointed me. A lot of meaningful things said and done, a lot suprised me (I was sure they would kill Buffy) and there were more than a couple moments that had me in tears. Still kept the humor though, read a couple alternate scripts, I like how it turned out though. Also like how Anya, who had always complained about humans died to save one, and perhaps one who didn't deserve it.